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Demetriou General Agency offers a unique restaurant program through a major national carrier.
We are placing anything from a small pizza kitchen to a full-scale gourmet establishment. It provides coverage unique to the restaurant industry and each package can be tailored to meet each risk’s individual needs with coverages such as:

Food Spoilage
Arson Conviction Reward
Customers Property
Premises Boundary
Crime Coverages
Backup of Sewers and Drains
Contamination Shutdown
Blanket Coverage
Bodily injury for Food Borne Illness/Business Interruption
Employment Practices Liability
Food Borne Illness Business Income
Liquor Liability (required for all restaurants that sell liquor)

We can provided coverage for the business owners , the workers themselves in case of on the job injury (workers comp) , the delivery drivers ( commercial auto ) ,
And we can provide additional coverage to pre existing coverages (Umbrella- this can act as back up coverage for several polices simultaneously. Like an umbrella can protect to people in the rain , our umbrella can provide extra coverage for more then one policy related to the restaurant)

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